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The Florida Keys is the third largest barrier reef in the world, and the only living coral reef in the USA, and Key Largo is know to be the Scuba Diving Capital of the World. John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, and then with the designation of the Key Largo National Marine Sanctuary in 1975, Key Largo has been protected from spearfishing and coral collection for four decades. Now, as an integral portion of the 2,800-square-nautical-mile Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, Key Largo features six unique Sanctuary Preservation Areas.

Benwood Wreck

A casualty of World War II, a British built steel hull 360 feet long and a 51 foot beam. This shipwreck is now home to huge schools of grunt and porkfish and is a good swallow wreck for all levels of divers.

Molasses Reef

High profile coral heads and massive congregates of tropical marine life define this popular reef.

Spiegel Grove

This 510-foot Navy transport ship was sunk in June 2002 as the latest addition to the Key Largo area`s diving sites.

The Bibb & Duane

These twin 327-foot US Coast Guard cutters were sunk intentionally about a quarter mile apart in about 120 feet of water, as dive attractions in 1987 and now are virtually cloaked in colorful coral and large Barracudas and Permits schools can be seen on the wreck.

The Elbow

This reef offers several historic shipwrecks, as well as the thrill of face-to-face encounters with friendly moray eels and barracuda.